The second day taken in the morning, afternoon and evening, respectively, 4, 5, 6 points. So to get 10 points to continue taking the solution, reducing the points every day at the same time. Of course - 2 weeks. Power Duration: twice a week, one day a month. From the first minute, not only the doctor examines the patient dialogue, but the patient is examined and critically evaluates the doctor and what he says and what he wants. In medical treatise "Chzhud Chi" refers to the art of healing, which is published in three generic kektra imitrex ways: the body functions, language and mind. the spirit and language of patients is on the first conversation they are especially important. It is not enough to have extensive medical knowledge, we should be able to transmit this information to people, explain and show what happened, how and why there was a disease. The doctor should be able to reveal the image of all of this is happening now the patient to talk about what he himself had no idea and do not know, and explain why it has not clue, and I know.

Ništa od starog sjaja Rade Radenović

Postavljeno 30 Dec 2012

Voditeljka Rada Radenović je bila oličenje seksipila. Njeni smeli stajlinzi, slikanje za “Plejboj” i sva ona provokativna izdanja su iza nje!


Sada Radu ne biste poznali da je sretnete.
Na njenom licu više nema sjaja, duboki podočnjaci su itekako vidljivi, a seksipil? Šta se dogodilo s njim?
Da li je ovo Rada kakvu znate?


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